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GEM.1400Q Power amplifier Switching 2x1200W

Power amplifier Switching, 2x700W 8 ohm, 2x1200W 4 ohm

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1. The amplifier has multiple wise protection systems built-in
The GEMINI Q series amplifier integrate protect impact function on the power soft-start, DC output protect function , longtime over-heat protect function, and turn on delay function. It can speedy protect the circuit when the amplifier short circuit and over loading, and won’t intermit the performance.

2. The unit has built-in digital current limiter (crowbar) protection (with select switch)
Why some audio system always is broken the alt? It maybe isn’t the problem of alt, if you choose the wrong amplifier it will also cause it. The smooth-top distortion of the amplifier not only cause the deterioration of sound, but also the killer of alt. The GEMINI Q series amplifier use the input/output comparative circuit. It will cut down the input signal when the amplifier going the distortion state, so it can protect the speaker system. This function have control by on switch, you can switch on/off to use it or not. It let you have more choice.

3. The two dual-speed fans switch automatically to maintain the proper internal operating temperature
GEMINI Q series amplifier has tunnel shape automatic dissipate-hot system, the power transistors have been installed on the heat sink, protect the amplifier operate longtime and safety.

4. The unit has various input/output connectors
GEMINI Q series amplifier has various input/output connectors, it have stereo, bridge-mono switch for choose. It can connect the speaker speedy by the professional SPEAKON.

5. Have bass-cut function (with select switch)
GEMINI Q series amplifier have low-frequency-cut function inside. This function can be chosen through the select switch on the rear panel. It’s easy for use according to the requirement of the clients.


Power (4 Ohm):  2x1200 watt
Power (8W):  2x700 watt
Power Bridge (8W):  2400 watt
Hum & Noise: > 110dB
Impedance:  20KΩ
Frequency Response:  5Hz-50KHz
THD 20Hz ~ 20KHz (8W):  0.05%
Radiator:  Automatic Control
Sateguard:  DC Safeguard / out Overloading / Chancroid Sgartup / Boot-start short test
Weight:  10,5 Kg
Dimension:  482x389x88 (2U)

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Power W - 4Ω per channel
1001W - 2000W

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