GEMINI was established in 1985 in Larissa, Greece and its main activity is the production and selling of all kinds of loudspeakers. The company moved in 2000 to her own, newly built office and workshop in the Industrial Area of Larissa. In the years that followed the variety of its products was extended to amplifiers, consoles, mixers and their quality was improved. This change had a favorable effect on the function of the company.

Its activities are steadily growing and the variety of the products is increasing even further, while its productivity is rising. At the same time GEMINI is continuously investing in order to facilitate the best quality control of its products. We have established and applied the management system ISO 9001 : 2008 / EN ISO 9001 : 2008 for "Production and Sales of Speakers and Boxes" to all our products.Developing in this way, the company became well known not only in Greece, but also in other countries, where it now plays a leading role as well.

Our participation in international fairs both in Greece as well as abroad has contributed to the technological growth and improvement of her products. Since 2008 the company built a privately owned branch office in the city of Larissa.


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