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GEM. Hi-1400 3-channel Amplifier 2x550W 1x1000W

Three-channel Amplifier with SUB, 2x550W 4ohm, 1000W 4ohm sub.

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The professional amplifier series GEM.Hi is a three-channel stereo amplifier and Sub provides 2 x 550W output load 4ohm and 1000W in Sub 4ohm (GEM. Hi-1400). There is a central On / Off switch  and 3 central main regulatory Gain of each channel. Led Indicators that reflect respectively mode Protect, Clip, Signal, Power, canal Sub is possible to adjust the frequency of operation!


Output Power 8Ω: 2x350 watt
Output Power 4Ω: 2x550 watt
Output Power sub 8Ω: 700 watt
Output Power sub 4Ω: 1000 watt
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Filter Frequency sub: 50Hz ~250Hz
T.H.D/Noise@ 1KHz: 0.05%
Signal to Noise Ratio: >100dB
Resistance: 10K ohm,Balanced to ground
Output Connectors: Binding Posts
Protections:                           Full short-circuit,open-circuit,thermal,soft-start,DC voltage,sub/ultrasonic & RF
LED Indicators(per Chanel): Ισχύς,Signal,Clip,Protect
Power Supply: 230 AC/50Hz
Supply Fuse(250): 5A
Dimensions (ΜxΠxΥ): 482x439.5x88.8mm(2U)
Weight: 24 Kg

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Power W - 4Ω per channel
501W - 1000W

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