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GEM.DSP1000 Amplifier DSP 2x1700W

Amplifier DSP 24Bit, 2x1000W 8ohm, 2x1700W 4ohm.

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GEM DSP series professional network power amplifiers are adopted 24 Bit professional DSP audio CMOS chip. They are designed for long-distance audio system. It is preferred for gymnasium and large-scale audio system. These series power amplifiers can be adjusted by hand and also can be controlled by computer. So it is very convenient for using. You can control about 255 PCS power amplifiers by computer. The control distance can meet 1000 meters in theory (different condition with different controlled distance). You can adjust the Gain, Equalizer specification, Crossover, Delay, Opposite phase, Limiter and so on for each power amplifier. And also can adjust the stereo, Single Channel and bridged and so on. You also can adjust the specification above by hand completely without connecting to the computer.

Gain: -60 ~6dB
Equalizer specification: +-12dB Q Value:0.4~128
Crossover: 20~20KHz. Octave can be chosen from 6,12,18,24,48 dB
Delay: From 0~7ms
Opposite Phase: 0 and 180 are selectable
Limiter: -61~3 dB

1. This amplifier is noise-free
When without output connect, the GEMINI series amplifier have no noise even it turns to the maximal volume. It will increase the quality of you work.

2. The amplifier has multiple wise protection systems built-in
The GEMINI DSP series amplifier integrate protect impact function of the power soft-start, DC output protect function, longtime over-heat protect function and turn on delay function. It can speedy protect the circuit when the amplifier short circuit and over loading, and won’t intermit the performance.

3. The two dual-speed fans switch automatically to maintain the proper internal operating temperature
GEMINI DSP series amplifier has tunnel shape automatic dissipate-hot system, protect the amplifier operate longtime and safety.

4. The unit has various input/output connectors
GEMINI DSP series amplifier has various input/output connectors, it has three way sensitivity switch for choose level, stereo, bridged-mono, and parallel mono. It can connect the speaker speedy by the professional SPEAKON

5. The unit has consummate working status indications including
You can be clear at a glance of the working status through the LED indicator in the front panel of GEMINI DSP series amplifier, and let the operation more easily.


Power Output 8Ω: 2x1000 watt

Power Output 4Ω: 2x1700 watt
Power Output 2Ω: 2x2200 watt
Power Output Bridge 8Ω: 2900 watt
Power Output Bridge 4Ω: 3800 watt
Gain: -60 ~ 6dB
Equalizer Specification: +/-12dB, Q Value: 0.4~128
Crossover: 20~20KHz,Octave από 6,12,18,48dB
Delay: 0~7ms
Limiter: -61~3dB
Frequency Response15Hz-25KHz
T.H.D/Noise@1KHz: 0.05%
IMD 60Hz & 7KHz,4:1 : <0.04%
Signal to Noise Ratio: 103dB
Slew Rate: 40V/μS
Damping Factor(1KHz@8ohms): >400:1
Sensitivity: (0.77V/1.0V/1.44V)
Resistance: 10K ohm,Balanced to ground
Circuit Type: Class H
Output Connectors: 4 Pole Speakon & Binding Posts
Protections: Full short-circuit,open-circuit,thermal,soft-start,DC voltage,sub/ultrasonic & RF
LED Indicators(per chanel): Ισχύς,Signal,Clip,Protect
Panel Controls: Front to back via 2 variable-speed fans
Power Supply Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Dimension: 482x478x132(3U)
Weight: 34 Kgr

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Power W - 4Ω per channel
1001W - 2000W

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